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How does it work for the host?

List your Campsite…

You start simply by listing your land on campit that shows the area available to the campers. You can do that by visiting and click here for a step by step tutorial on how to make a listing.
Your listing includes description of the site, map location, potential activities, add if any camping gear is provided etc. pick a price and set the availability. The listing helps the campers get a sense of what your land is like.
You can set the camp rules for who stays on the site and when it is available. Booking and camping preferences help hosting fit into your lifestyle.

Is my land suitable?

Campit offer a wide range, from one acre to thousands, from rustic cabins to glamping tents, from working farms to remote forests, from developed campgrounds to raw land. Campers can book primitive tent to camping with no official amenities to glamping setups with every modern comfort included.
The diversity of options is what makes campit so special. And we are confident that your land has something great to offer to the community.

How campers find my land ?

Campers will find your listing and book directly through campit. You will receive a booking confirmation email with all the details about camper’s stay.

Get in touch with the camper.

You can message the camper through the campit messaging system, you will also receive the campers contact info in your confirmation email. You can communicate with the camper using either of the channels that is convenient to you. Communicating with the camper helps you to get to know them a little bit and answer any queries they might have.

Plan for the Check-in

You have the option of requiring that the camper meet and greet with you prior to setting into the camp. Others provide direction that will lead the campers straight to the camp. Ideally the host should meet the camper in person to show the camp site and help the campers get familiarised with the site and its surrounding. However that is not mandatory if the host is not able to meet the camper then he / she should have all the information about the site and how to get there etc. for the camper prior to the agreed check-in time. You decide what works best for you.